Welcome to Praxis Projects

My Work blurs the boundaries between community development and media art. I use media tools—cameras, microphones, radio and television channels, smart phones, and the web—to get people involved in addressing social issues and facilitating community change.

My Projects bring people from diverse backgrounds together to learn about themselves, each other, and their communities. They get in touch with what they’re passionate about, figure out how to harness the tools of technology to communicate ideas, and build the confidence to go do it and the sense that their efforts will make a difference.  The result is more than just a finished media piece—it is a burgeoning sense of power, pride, and solidarity.

My Process centers on experiential learning and collaboration. Participants choose what subjects they want to explore and how to approach the topics. They engage in team building, issue analysis, skills sharing, and media training—working collectively to identify goals, create action plans, and produce media that advances their objectives. This process culminates in community screenings where participants engage audiences in dialogue, storytelling, and community problem solving.

My Philosophy is that community media be a powerful vehicle for creative self-expression and social change. It can build bridges across reservoirs of isolation, distrust, under-representation, and apathy by connecting people over telephone lines, coaxial cable, wavelengths, and frequencies. It can also document unheard stories, circulate fresh perspectives, articulate aspirations, and celebrate a diversity of cultures—and in the process promote self-discovery, raise public awareness, and build grassroots leadership.